Don’t Call it a Comeback

It’s been quite the hectic few months at RopeDrop [dot] Net HQ. It was the heart of wedding season, which means Elyssa hasn’t had a weekend (or even a day, really) off since Labor Day. My work has also been crazy busy, so (sadly) this site has languished a bit. Hopefully, if things go according to plan, there will start being some new content shortly (though an in-progress News Nuggets has been lost to the archives forever….). After all, Elyssa and I are in the middle of the streak that involves us being at Disney World for at least 1 day over 6 consecutive months!

Thank you to everyone who’s still sticking around. We’re looking forward to being back in touch.

(Oh, and if you can’t wait to get some new content from us, make sure to check out our appearance on the award winning Modern Mighty Men of Mouse podcast talking about an absolutely terrible movie.)