Disney Moves up Today’s (Wednesday’s) Pandora Live Stream to 8:10am Eastern

UPDATE: Here’s the Disney Parks Blog link and embed is below.

Disney is live streaming the dedication of Pandora today at 8:10am Eatern (moved up from later in the morning due to weather concerns).  As always, I find the easiest way to catch the live stream is to go to the Disney Parks Blog about 10-15 minutes before the start of the live stream to find a fresh post with the video embed.


Disney will be Live Streaming the Debut of “Happily Ever After” Tonight at 8:55PM Eastern Tonight

Tonight, Disney is going to live stream the first ever performance of its new Happily Ever After nighttime spectactular tonight. As always, it’s easiest to just go to the Disney Parks Blog about 10 minutes for the show (so 8:45PM Eastern) and find the “new” post about the live stream. Here’s hoping it’s a solid replacement for Wishes!

I still miss our beloved Celebrate the Magic

Kona Cafe’s Big Kahuna sails off into the Sunset

It’s a “sad”* day at Rope Drop [dot] Net HQ, as it is being reported that Kona Cafe has removed the Big Kahuna from its breakfast menu. Anyone who follows Elyssa and me on Twitter knows that one of our “go to” breakfast options is Elyssa with her Big Kahuna and me with my Tonga Toast at Kona (We pretty much always get a coffee press pot when it’s available at a Disney restaurant as well.) As Elyssa pointed out on Twitter, she isn’t even sure how she’s supposed to go on now. Here’s hoping that when we ask our server for a Big Kahuna next time we’re at Disney World, they just make it anyway.

Elyssa's beloved Big Kahuna
Elyssa’s beloved Big Kahuna
Don't ever leave me...
Don’t ever leave me…

* In case you can’t tell, there’s supposed to be some humor in this post. Obviously, we are aware of things that have more impact than a beloved breakfast option being removed from one of our favorite breakfast restaurants.

News Nuggets from Around Disney World

They're going to bring this back to Food & Wine, right?
They’re going to bring this back to Food & Wine, right?
The biggest “news” since we last shared a helping of News Nuggets is the announcement of the details of Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. This year’s festival runs 75 days from opening Aug. 31 through Nov. 1. It was also have 35 booths (“marketplaces”) this year. For more details, check out Disney’s press release about what’s to come.

Now, from the rest of the nuggets:

Here’s the preview for Happily Ever After video I mentioned earlier. Seem you next time!