Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Live Stream Sunday (December 6) at 8:15 PM EST

Much like they did for the Osborne Lights a couple of weeks ago, Disney will be live streaming some of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parade tomorrrow night at 8:15PM Eastern..

For these types of events, I normally recommend starting to check the Disney Parks Live Youtube Channel about 20 minutes before the show is supposed to air, and then continuing to reload the page until the link for that night’s event shows up. (You can also search for “Disney Parks Live” in the YouTube app in various media streaming devices if you want to watch on your television.)

Elyssa and I attended the party earlier this year and had an absolute blast. We intend to do a fuller write-up in the next few days (weeks?), but, if you’re interested at all in the party, we would recommend checking out the live stream.

Santa at Mickey's Very Christmas Party
Santa at Mickey’s Very Christmas Party