Star Wars Launch Bay to Open at The Studios in December

WDW Magic is reporting that artwork on the building that will be the future home of the Star Wars Launch Bay indicates that the new “attraction” will open in December of this year. Personally, I was hoping they would get it open by early November, but I really had no doubt that they’d have it ready before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in mid-December.

Tom Bricker reviews the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Tom Bricker recently posted a review he titled Polynesian Villas & Bungalows (though the review is actually of studio room in the Polynesian Villas, with mention of the Bungalows and how much they cost.) As you would expect, Tom’s review has excellent pictures showing the layout of the room and a good rundown about the various amenities the room provides. There is nothing particularly Earth-shattering in his write-up, but it’s definitely worth taking a look for the photography.

Rumors of a newly configured Entryway to Allow Resort Guests to Bypass Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza

The rumors about a new entry to the Magic Kingdom resort area (I believe I first saw the rumor on WDW News Today are pretty interesting. As someone who enjoys both visiting and staying at these resorts, I would love an excuse to be able to skip the (minor) hassle of the toll plaza. That said, I don’t understand why articles like the WDW News Today one only mention “guests going to the Polynesian or Contemporary.” Why would this allow guests going to the Floridian and/or Wilderness Lodge to bypass the plaza too? That part just seems weird to me.

Some Craft Beer Ideas For Disney World

The guys at Disney Hipsters had an interesting list of ideas on how Disney World could integrate craft beer into the resort. They have a few different suggestions, but I especially like:

  • Brew attraction specific beers (A nice, dark, stout from Tower of Terror could really have potential); and
  • A craft beer bar at the American Adventure Pavillon in Epcot (this became a “no-brainer” idea the second I read it.)

This year will be my first year at the Food & Wine festival since I got more into craft beer, so I am really looking forward to trying a couple of the different beer options. Thankfully, Josh from easy WDW usually does a nice preview that tells you which beers are worth your time.

New Twitter Account, @WDWToday, Connects Guests With Disney Guest Relations During Trips

Earlier today, Disney announced a new Twitter account, @WDWToday, that will allow guests to connect with Disney Guest Relations during their trips. It’s kind of a neat idea–assuming that the account is actually responsive to the guest’s tweets–since so many people turn to social media these days to try and get their problems solved.

(For those of you visiting Disneyland, you can use @DisneylandToday instead.)

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