Rope Drop [dot] Net Disney Podcast Survey – August 2016 Edition

We’re getting ready to make some enhancements to the Rope Drop [dot] Net Disney Podcast Directory and we would love your input as to what you currently listen to. In order to collect that information, we have created the following form, which includes space to enter information about podcasts that you are currently listening to, This is not a ranking. The order you list the podcasts on the form will not impact anything. The comments that you provide about the podcast, however, might.

For those of you saying “But John ad Elyssa, I listen to more than 5 Disney podcasts!!”, you have yourselves a little pre-survey work to do. We only want to hear about your Top 5 (again, the order you list things within that top 5 doesn’t matter.) If, on the other hand, you only listen to 1 or 2 Disney podcasts, feel free to skip over the last questions in the form.

Thank you in advance for helping us out! Our goal is to try to help people find the best Disney podcasts to listen to, and this will really help us do that!!

The form should display above, however, if you are having trouble viewing, you can go to it directly here.