Mighty Men of Mouse Listener Disney World Land Rankings

On Episode 226 of Mighty Men of Mouse, Russ, Kip, and Dutch revealed their Disney World “Land Rankings”. For those who haven’t listened to the episode, the “lands” were those listed on Wikipedia and/or the Disney Park Maps, with each country in World Showcase also being classified as its own land.

In response to this popular episode (and as various other people shared their own land rankings), the MMoM hosts contacted top level survey monkey Howie from Maryland to create a listener survey to capture the MMoM community’s rankings.

Now, with all the votes tabulated, here are the Definitive MMoM Listener Disney World Land Rankings:

  1. Fantasyland (MK)
  2. Adventureland (MK)
  3. Africa (AK)
  4. Frontierland (MK)
  5. Asia (AK)
  6. Main Street USA (MK)
  7. Liberty Square (MK)
  8. Sunset Boulevard (HS)
  9. Tomorrowland (MK)
  10. Mexico Pavilion (WS)
  11. Future World – West (Epcot)
  12. Future World – East (Epcot)
  13. France Pavilion (WS)
  14. Hollywood Boulevard (HS)
  15. Japan Pavilion (WS)
  16. Germany Pavilion (WS)
  17. UK Pavilion (WS)
  18. America Pavilion (WS)
  19. Discovery Island (AK)
  20. Echo Lake (HS)
  21. Pixar Place (HS)
  22. Italy Pavilion (WS)
  23. Dinoland USA (AK)
  24. Morocco Pavilion (WS)
  25. Canada Pavilion (WS)
  26. Norway Pavilion (WS)
  27. China Pavilion (WS)
  28. The Oasis (AK)
  29. Streets of America (HS)
  30. Animation Courtyard (HS)
  31. Rafiki’s Planet Watch (AK)
  32. African Outpost (WS)

Additional Charts

In order to help us better understand this data, Howie also put together a number of “cross-tabs” that show different looks at the results. These additional charts include the result sets from people with the following classifications:

  • Last visit to Disney World within the past 6 months,
  • Last visit to Disney World more than 1 year ago,
  • Have Children under 12,
  • Nostalgia is either Extremely or Very Important in the rankings, and
  • Attractions is either Extremely or Very Important in the rankings.

These additional charts also contain more statistical information, including the standard deviation of the ranking of each land. As you might remember from your high school statistics class, standard deviation is a way to show how “spread out” a range of values is. In Howie’s charts, the 10 lands with the highest standard deviation from their ranking are highlighted in blue. Essentially, this means those are the attractions that have some of the widest ranges of opinions on.s

With all that out of the way, here are the charts that Howie created. You can use the navigation tabs at the bottom of the charts to switch between the above-referenced categories. NOTE: These multi-column data exports are kind of wide and will probably require you to horizontally scroll on narrower screens (like your phone). As much as I hate to say it, it’s easier to view the data using a wider display.