What Disney Princess are you?

I know John wants this blog to give you Disney news and really good insight, so I’m going to help with that, by telling you to take this quiz to determine what Disney princess you are!

I found this quiz on Oh My Disney, which is like Buzzfeed for the Disney crowd. This particular quiz purports to determine which Princess you are based on your zodiac sign. Drumroll please…..

Elyssa is Merida

I’m Merida. Which, let’s face it, I already knew:

Ginger Princesses

Which princess are you? What other Disney quizzes should I waste time on? Who wants to know which princess John is?

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  1. I’m Merida too! Yay for feisty redheads! And please PLEASE tell us which princess John is. I request that he dress as her for your next Disney parks run.

  2. I’m Belle. However you know you are a geek when all you can think of is, “what’s the algorithm for this quiz and how many times would I have to take it to figure it out?”

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