Disney’s new Fuel Rod Service Seems Like an Unnecessary Hassle

tl;dr – Plan ahead and buy a battery rod or packfrom Amazon instead of spending more time and money on Fuel Rods. Also, this article has a lot of numbers.

As has been reported on a number of different sites, Disney World has started rolling out Fuel Rod portable chargers for people to use in the parks. The basics of the system are that you pay $30 to get a Fuel Rod that comes fully charged to use with your phone. When you have used the entire battery, you can either recharge the Fuel Rod yourself, or exchange it at a kiosk to get a different, fully charged one at no cost.

On the surface it sounds like a decent system, but I wondered how convenient this whole process really is, especially when compared to the plethora of USB battery packs that are on the market.

Unfortunately, Fuel Rod doesn’t really advertise the size of their…ummm…rod? (Sorry.) The only Fuel Rod review I was able to find said that he got about 65% of an iPhone charge with one of the rods. (This is consistent with what I heard on an episode of DIS Unplugged, but it seems that they used the same review I did to come up with their number.) For those mathematically inclined, 65% of the current’s iPhone’s battery would mean a Fuel Rod would have just over 1,100 mAh of capacity (the current iPhone has a 1,1715 mAh).

To satisfy my intellectual curiosity, I also tried to calculate the size of a Fuel Rod by using the “around 8 hours of phone charge” claim reported by WDW Magic. Though Apple lists a variety of battery times for its iPhone, an estimate of 15-17 hours per day for a normal user isn’t terrible. (A normal user not at Disney World, where the combination of poor network connectivity and “need” to refresh My Disney Experience repeatedly for Fastpass+ availability means that you’re probably looking more realistically at 8-10 hours of battery life, if you’re lucky.) This would mean that a Fuel Rod would charge just over 50% of the current iPhone, and most likely have a capacity of around 850 mAh.

In order to give Fuel Rod the benefit of the doubt (which they don’t deserve for keeping their specs a secret, but, whatever), let’s assume their rods have 1,200 mAh of capacity. How does that compare to various other battery options on the market? SPOILER ALERT: Terribly.

For example, for $10, you can get this Anker battery rod that has just under 3x the capacity of a Fuel Rod and is still slightly slimmer in size. This would let you charge your phone twice without having to think about “recharging your rod”. If you want to invest the same $30 you’d spend on a FuelRod, you can purchase this Amazon Basics Battery Pack that will charge your iPhone over 9 times before it needs to be recharged. In other words, you’d need to either recharge or swap out your Fuel Rod 12 times to get the same capacity as the the Amazon Basics pack. That’s ridiculous. I’d much rather “worry” about remembering to plug in my battery pack every 2-3 days than have to find Fuel Rod kiosks 10+ times over that period.

Look, I understand that some people might not want to carry a battery pack with them when they first enter the park. But, once you buy that first Fuel Rod, you’re going to be carrying it with you anyway for the rest of the day (your Disney World visit?) so you can swap it out. You might as well just pay $10 in advance and get the Anker rod that weighs 2.7 oz to bring with you. At least then you’ll be able to charge your phone almost twice before you need to worry about your battery pack, instead of the .65 times you’d get from the $30 Fuel Rod.

Disney World has made smart phones necessary items to enjoy your park going experience, and, if you want to actually use your phone, you’re probably going to need some additional power. Though the Fuel Rod seems like an interesting idea on the service, its high cost and apparent low capacity seem like a poor option to fit almost all use cases. Think of it this way: you’re already planning things like ADRs and Fastpass+ reservations in advance of your Disney vacation, why not also plan to buy a battery rod or packin advance and save yourself a bunch of hassle?

Everyone needs a phone
Everyone needs a phone

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  1. On a recent trip to DW, I brought my Amazon-purchased batteries but threw in the wrong cord. Aaaaa! Disney’s fuel rod saved me as well as the other 3 members of our party. We must have swapped the thing at least a dozen times and the only complaint I had was that there needed to be more swap locations. The Magic Kingdom had several which worked great. The other parks – took some trekking to find one. This service is going to be fantastic as soon as more kiosks are provided.

  2. We forgot our battery packs when we went to disneyband this thing saved us. Our phones were running out of battery after hours of taking photos and using disney app for map and to setup fast pass. Even though it doesnt fully recharge the phones it was enough to bridge the gap for my wife and i, so we could continue using our phones. It’s really a moot point though because you can turn a dead one in for a charged one at a kiosk if you have to.

  3. […] 4. Bonus item: a portable phone battery charger. You can buy these in the park for $30 each, and exchange them around the park for fully charged packs when your juice runs out. However, you can get much better battery chargers for a lot less money on Amazon, and they charge up your phone a lot further:   https://ropedrop.mystagingwebsite.com/2016/07/disneys-new-fuel-rod-service-seems-like-an-unnecessary-hassle/ […]

    1. If you’re talking about the FuelRods, then yes. They even sell them in airports (for less than at Disney.) If you’re talking about the ones I recommend, then also yes. I fly with them.

      That said, TSA rules seem to be changing all the time, international flights might have different rules, etc… in other words, you should be fine, but your mileage may vary.

  4. tl;dr – you don’t get it. With a houseful of 3 kids, 2 adults, friends and associated tech, and no one remembering to charge their 20,000 mah battery pack, FuelRods are indispensable. It’s the service, not the product. I’ve been lugging around multiple high capacity battery packs for years, and am switching to fuel rods for vacations.

  5. We bought our Fuelrod while in California at Disneyland. We live in Florida and frequent Disney World a lot. It has been indispensable for our family, we exchange it a couple times each visit, nobody ever runs out of power! It’s small enough to carry everything in the little tube it came in.
    We have 2 I phoned and 2 Samsung phones! Money well spent in our opinion.

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