My Disney Experience and Shop Disney Parks crash on the first iOS 11 Public Beta

It’s the time of year when people begin experimenting with Apple’s latest round of iOS betas (despite recommendations from pretty much everyone in the technology industry that they should hold off.) For those of you who are Disney World fans, however, I have a special PSA: My Disney Experience and Shop Disney Parks do not work on the first iOS Public Beta. Though this could be an annoyance for people who are looking to do some shopping via the Shop Disney Parks app, it could really hamper someone who is planning on visiting the Disney World in the near future (imagine not being able to refresh to find new Fastpass+ selections?).

At this point, it’s too early to tell if the issues are something that will be resolved by future iOS updates (in advance of the final iOS 11 release later this fall) or if this is something that Disney is going to have to fix on its end. Until this is resolved, though, you should probably hold off installing iOS 11 on your iPhone if you want to use either of these apps. (Or, you could do what most people recommend, and just not install the betas at all.) Also, as a reminder, this is not anybody’s “fault’. This beta process is designed to allow these types of issues to be found and corrected before the actual release date, instead of people running into these issues with the actual versions of the software.

MDE Crash
MDE Crash

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    1. If you’re heading this weekend, it’s probably the only option (unless you just want to use the website.)

      There’s still the hope the next beta (which, if they keep on schedule would be next week), resolves it. My fear, however, is that it’s an issue that can’t be resolved until iOS 11 officially comes out and Disney can submit an actual iOS 11 build for release.

      1. I got a response from Disney support saying that they do not plan on fixing this issue and their apps only run on release versions of operating systems. Guessing it probably has something to do with whatever they use to detect/prevent the app from running on jailbroken devices.

  1. MDE, ShopParks and DL apps all still crashing as of Beta 5 as well.. seems like a location services bug.. deleted the MDE and Shop apps and now they haven’t re-added themselves to the “Location Services” applications list either.. Reported to Disney support.. maybe just maybe they’ll recompile and fix..

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