PSA: My Disney Experience and the Shop Disney Parks App Still Crash on the iOS 11 Beta

UPDATE: August 22 – The latest version of the apps works with iOS 11!!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, My Disney Experience, the Shop Disney Parks App, and even the Disneyland App (per the comments to my original post), all crash at launch on the iOS 11 Beta (currently, in developer beta 4 and public beta 3.) I’ve submitted bug reports using Apple’s beta feedback system (and been contacted to test a fix or two), but the crash is still occuring. 
If you’re planning a trip to Disney World in the near future, and you want to use MDE for things like refreshing Fastpass+ selections, I would recommend not installing any iOS 11 beta. There is always a chance that the next iOS beta will fix things, but I think it’s possible that the fix for this crash requires Disney to submit a new version of its apps that is compiled against the iOS 11 SDK. That would mean no fix would come before iOS 11 is actually released (which has, historically, been in mid-to-late September.) 

You have been warned!

MDE Crash :-(
MDE Crash 🙁

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  1. I got a response from Disney support saying that they do not plan on fixing this issue and their apps only run on release versions of operating systems. Guessing it probably has something to do with whatever they use to detect/prevent the app from running on jailbroken devices.

    1. No, it has to do with them having no drive to fix it. I GUARANTEE on release day it doesn’t work either, they’ll fix it within a week or 2 of going live though because somebody in charge will TELL the devs to do it after large numbers of complaints come in.

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