Five Years of Rope Drop dot Net is (Hopefully) Just the Start

It was five years ago today that Elyssa and I launched this site. I had written some blog posts at the TouringPlans blog that I was proud of, including:

But there were other Disney things that I wanted to write about and—frankly—I wanted to have more control over how my writing was presented.

I had a goal when writing the site to integrate things like our podcast listener community and have people from that community and (my corner) of DisTwitter make guest appearances. One of the launch posts was my interview with award-winning podcaster and all-around great guy, Dutch Lombrowski.

I wanted to avoid copying and pasting Disney press releases (I don’t have the time nor interest for that), but I still wanted to give me comments on at least some of the news coming out of Disney World. This led to the birth of the News Nuggets, where I would give brief comments on various news stories.

I also did some in-depth and opinion pieces, with the most controversial being me dunking on FuelRods. (I stand by everything I said in that one.)

My frequency of posting on the site ebbs and flows based on what is going on with my caseload in my day job (the more intense writing I’m doing during the day, the harder it is to put something together for the site at night.) The number of weddings that Elyssa needs help on at any given point can also be a factor that might take up some or all of my “free” time.

All of that said, I have no intention of “stopping” with new articles and updates. I recently moved the site to a new host to make it more reliable and take some of the backend maintenance off of my plate. I doubt I’ll ever post daily on the site, but I am hopeful that I’ll continue to have periods of more activity in between the lulls. I also hope I can think of some new concepts or bring back from old favorites. Like most things in 2020, we will just have to wait and see how things play out.

Thanks for reading.

We’re ready to get back to hang out with Mickey and Minnie​
We’re ready to get back to hang out with Mickey and Minnie

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